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Videos are a great way to share your ideas, but creating them can be challenging

The main idea is to transform your existing presentation to an engaging video format by adding a webcam stream with your face and voice to the presentation. This personal touch can really make a difference. The end result is a video file, that you can download or share on YouTube.

The main advantage of the video format is that you can do anything with it, it's easily monetizable and shareable.

We support easy branding also. The result is like a sandwitch: we can add your logo animation before and after the content and also the content block can have your brand and URL displayed.

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Desktop video editors were created in an era when the internet was not powerful enough to handle videos

The most interesting advantage of an online video editor is the connectedness to other online services.

The main difference to desktop editors is that the rendering part is done server side. This way we can easily import lots of media for example Flickr, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc. What you had to do before manually, now become very fast.

It's a very fast and convenient way to create videos in your browser, you can import, remix, edit your videos without lots of downloading or uploading.

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How hard should it be to upload an MP3 with a cover image to YouTube?

This is the main question behind Splash. The service is a simple point and shoot style app. No heavy editing options, just a few clicks and you are ready to upload your content to YouTube without any downloads, installs or even Flash.

In the new version we introduce import functionality from Flickr. You can use any creative commons images and create a nice mashup of audio and visuals.

The service is currently in development, meanwhile you can check out a working version at

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Stunn is a video editing platform that helps you create videos right in your browser.

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