Video editor integration

offer Stunn's editing capabilities in your product

Third party integrations

An almost plug an play solution

If you have tons of user media alreay laying around in the cloud, then you can offer editing capabilities. The main benefit is that users don't have to go through the usual download, edit, render, upload cycle.

There are various levels of integrations possible:

  • white label
  • embedded editor
  • API access

For a more detailed description contact [email protected]

Custom solutions

If it has frames, we can build it

We are specialized in video processing and we can offer parts of functionality you see in our online applications.

There are lots of possibilities, here are a few:

  • Viral marketing sites
  • CRM, CMS extensions
  • Fun apps for brand followers
  • Interactive video creators
  • Custom post-processing

Please send us your proposals: [email protected]

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Stunn is a video editing platform that helps you create videos right in your browser.

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